“Crossing Paths” is a dance installation that was performed on the 9th of July 2015. It took place on Ulm’s main square in front of the Münster cathedral, the Münsterplatz, Germany.

“Crossing Paths” reflects the daily unintentional improvisation and choreography of the citiy´s movement. It represents the intricate patterns created by people moving over the Münsterplatz by, walking, running, cycling, skating, laughing, talking, listening, learning, watching, searching, observing, playing, flirting and dancing………………

The performance was documented by Andreas Usenbenz (trailer videos), Cecilia Espejo (rehearsals photos), SimonSchiligen and Rustam Savrasov. There is a bird´s-eye-view recording shoot from the steeple of the Munster we will soon post. This view highlights how dancers and viewers unintentionally collaborate with each other in sharing the common space.

The choreography is inspired by this unique perspective of how the visitors to the Munster Cathedral view the Münsterplatz and its people from above.

The performance was open to the public, free of charge, making it accessible to everyone. It aims to raise the awareness of contemporary dance and leaves the viewer questioning how their interactions affect the energy of the Münsterplatz.

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