From January to June 2016 we will be making workshops with refugees as preparation for Before I die performance.

The goal of these workshops would be to start diving into the refugee’s story, giving them a tool to express themselves and start gathering images and video content for our performance in July in Stadthaus Ulm. If during this process we discover talented movers, actors or musicians, we also have a chance to include them in our performance.


On 17th January we made their first workshop with refugees. It took place in the Ballet Saal of Theater Ulm. 19 refugees from Keplerhalle refugee center participated, brought by some volunteers of  Menschlichkeit organization.

We started the creation experience with a warming up and gave the refugees some individual and group tasks, like crawling on the floor in a chain or searching each others hands with their eyes shut. They all participated with excitement and concentration. Some movements were recorded from different views and cameras. To finish the workshop, the refugees showed and teached us a couple of traditional syrien dances.  It was a complete success.

Here a video of some of the exercises we asked them to do:

All these people collaborated in this first workshop:

Pablo Sansalvador directed the workshop with Yuka Kawazu Nazabal, Dan Glazer and Julia Baukus; dancer and actors. They all created the content and managed the ‪dance‬ and ‪theater‬ ‪workshop.

Andreas Hauslaib, visual designer and Andreas Usenbenz, visual and sound designer made all the video and voice recording,

Menschlichkeit, Ulm refugee organization, brought all the refugees and translators.

Cecilia Espejo, producer, coordinated the workshop.

We had Tommi Brem and Tareq Dalbah also supporting us in the management and translation.

Theater Ulm left us the Ballet Saal, where the workshop took place.

Some other workshops are planned in other refugee settlements as well as collaborative workshops in the International School of Ulm / Neu-Ulm where students and refugee children will express themselves together.

In the next pages you will find a more detailed information about our project and performance in July.

Tommi Brem: ‘It was amazing to see the transformation in everyone from being reserved and even embarrassed to an absolute concentration in some participants and commitment all over.’

Cecilia Espejo:  ‘It was incredible to see how much commitment the refugees had. They took every task really seriously, but always with a smile in their face. You could see they were really taking the chance to express themselves. Our team was amazed and greatful. We are looking forward to the next one.’

Menschlichkeit: ‘We were absolutely touched on how excited the young men from Syria were.  They were highly concentrated during these 2 hours. Finally, they teached us an Arab dance and we danced it together! A wonderful experience thanks to Moving Rhizomes and to our volunteers !’


Now we are preparing new movement, music, theater and expression workshops. The next one will take place in Vh Ulm next 14th February – Sunday.

Refugees and musicians from Ulm will join together to improvise and try instruments. There will be refugees from Afganistan, Syria and Macedonia. The musicians that will join from Ulm are from Mexico, Germany, India, Spain, Africa…

A couple of days ago we went to one of the refugee centers to look for people interested on playing an instrument or playing music. Here you have a video of an amazing experience…