MOVING KIDS is a new project we started in Waldorfschule, Ulm last January. We gave already four research sessions and now we need your support to keep on going with the project and achieve our goal.

Puberty can be a testing time for children as they encounter new physical, emotional, and social challenges. Through the MOVING KIDS Project we aim to give the kids a new means to express themselves and battle their fears. Our goal is to make a student driven dance choreography that nurtures creativity, confidence, and interaction skills. These workshops will work towards a final performance where the children will show what they have worked and created and the abilities they have acquired.

The theme chosen for the performance is called HUMAN. Our goal is for children to understand that they are human beings, with a huge responsibility and power to decide who they want to be and how they can also change their world around them. It is also a chance for them to express themselves and show to the rest that they are meaningful, that they can also make a change.

This project has 2 phases:

  • Completing our first MOVING KIDS experience with the Waldorschule
  • Creating a MOVING KIDS week experience with other schools in other countries (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Hungary)

We just launched the crowdfunding campaign to achieve the first phase:

This project depends on all you to happen…I hope you can support with whatever you can.

Why would you support this project?

We have established an online crowdfunding campaign because we want to ensure every child from the class participates in the project, not only who’s parents can. This will bring the sense of community we want to promote. We have also involved the children in creating the crowdfunding video, earning new skills in project making.

With this project we also aim to empower the children and gives them a voice and a vote. The theme HUMAN will make them research on themselves and on what they want to change in life.


How will the money be used?

Our aim within this campaign is to raise the basic funding needed for the choreography facilitator, assistant and coordinator. We also intend to raise awareness of the importance of teaching children how to move, express and make their own choreography. These funds are used to make the 12 workshop sessions with 3 professionals from the Theater Ulm and Ulmer Art Scene. A final performance will show the expertises earned during these sessions. It is less than 5 Euro per 90 minutes class/each student, but we want to democratise the offer by making a crowdfunding campaign where everyone will help each other to join the experience. If required Moving Rhizomes e.V. can give you a receipt should you want to claim your donation for tax reason.


If you want to support us: