She is Italian. She started moving since when she was a baby with her grand mother.
As a kid she had a busy life. Thanks to her mum her days were full of activities. One day, she was about 10 years old and she said „mum now I have to decide, I have to concentrate in only one of Ithem!“. From there dance became the main reason of her decision. She moved to Turin when she was 15 to conclude ballet school. Since 2007 she took part as professional dancer in several projects around Italy having the chance to meet and work with great people and artists. From 2013 she integrated the ensemble of theater Ulm where she is still part of.

Giulia started collaborating with Moving Rhizomes with The Office project. Now she is with the rest of the dancers choreographing and dancing for Crossing Paths project.

Now involved in new performances and projects, like What makes us human? and STEP by STEP.