TEMPERATURE’s is a project produced by one of the Moving Rhizomes e.V. founder, Hannes- Michael Bronczkowski.

Our aim is to bridge the gap between graduates entering the professional dance world and the already professionals. We want to give three selected graduated students the opportunity to show their solos in a professional context and environment. What a better way than having an evening especially put together for this purpose! The whole evening is called TEMPERATURE. Hannes- Michael Bronczkowski, teacher of these students at IAB (Institute of the Arts Barcelona) is the production manager/artistic director guiding them into a professional context.

The evening is comprised of three contemporary solo ́s created by three graduating Students of the Institute of Arts in Barcelona and a duet created by Jenna Pollack and Hannes- Michael Bronczkowski.


It will be performed next 29th Of June (Premiere), following shows on the 1st of July and 3rd of July.


Felina Theater in Mannheim Holzbauerstraße 8, 68167 Mannheim



How can you support this project?

You can check our crowdfunding campaign and pre-buy the tickets from the show or donate the amount of money you would like to support us with. 

You can also share this campaign with your contacts. Here is the link of the campaign: https://www.startnext.com/temperature


Why would you support this project?

Bridging the gap between the new and old is very important. Not only would it provide an interesting  and essential artistic exchange  further it would allow a vital passing on from one dance generation which is still active to the next one, up and coming. Why wait until you can´t move to pass on vital information for the constantly changing craft as a dancer. The sooner this exchange can happen, the quicker the next generation of dancers can benefit and play an important part in shaping today’s dance world.


What will you see in TEMPERATURE performance?

The evening consists in the following solos and duet: 

Title: “I Remember

Choreography and Dancer: Sara Mitola

Music: I Remember by, Rick Holland


Choreography and Dancer: Ieva Ievina

Music: Stop, Freeze, Wait, Sing by, Ivar Grydeland

Title:“Will He See Me Again?

Choreography: Nikoline Gervang  Heimburger

Title: `Temperature`

Music: Jeff Buckley- You & I

Choreography/Dancers: Jenna Pollack and Michael Bronczkowski

Costume Design: Baika Bettag