What makes us human? is the last project we did last 2017.

This installation performance takes the public on a journey that dives into the perspective of identity; how we see ourselves and one another, how we want to see ourselves in the future…. Essentially, what makes us all human or inhumane? Through presence, physicality and consciousness we attempt to shake and question the viewer; to prompt the participant to consider their choices in life, the impact their decisions may have on others or how it will influence their environment.

This installation is multidisciplinary, where visuals, dancers, actors and an original a soundtrack will take the most active part. The public was asked to interact with performers, public and the installation itself.

Our cast:

Freie Waldorfschule Ulm Römerstraße collaborated with us through the Moving KIDS project, founded by crowdfunding. 32 children from this school will take part on this experience directed by Pablo Sansalvador, Cecilia Espejo and Daniela Molina Garfias (Moving kids co-producer)

We were proud to have our ‚What makes us human?‘ performance funded by Stadt Ulm Ulm – Deine Stadt.

Here some images of the beautiful experience: