This is a dance piece that we performed two years ago in Ulm.

We are Pablo Sansalvador, professional dancer and Cecilia Espejo, non professional dancer. We are a couple and we both wanted to get out of our comfort zone and routine by doing something that we never did before. Pablo challenged himself performing and choreographing for a non dancer and Cecilia took the challenge of choreographing for her first time.

We started this experiment because we believe in transversal and multidisciplinary input in making performances and installations.

We went through a research phase where we gathered information about us, our environment, our daily interactions, our habits and routines. We worked with our natural movements, daily sounds and personal messages.

The piece ended up being a representation of our lives and our overcome and future fears. It is also a reflection of how humans are creatures of habit and how patterns in our lives have consequences in our present and future behavior. We also learnt that moulding and regenerating the daily routine we can generate parallel dynamics that can complement or collide but always give unexpected phenomenons.

Andreas Usenbenz made the music for the piece taking their whispered voices and the most intimate words.