Do you want to buy a Tshirt?

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The MOVING KIDS PROJECT is slowly moving forward.

We reached our crowdfunding goal and now trying to raise a little bit more funding for other projects.
We designed with the kids the T-shirts that they will be wearing in the show. They are sustainable and eco friendly.

You can buy them in our online store or if you are from Ulm you can write us an email: and we will take them with our bike.






MAN: S, M, L, XL (adults)

KIDS: S (5-6 Years), M (7-8 Years), L (9-12)

How did we design the Tshirts?

They were made collaboratively by the children and our design team. We gave them the task of choosing icons and phrases that would describe them, that are meaningful to them.

Here are some examples of what they did:


They all agreed that the heart symbol could represent what they are. There were other symbols that completed the job of explaining what kind of human beings they are: they love music and nature, they are sensitive, they like icecream, would like adults to hear their voice, they like moving, making sports with friends,…..

With these ideas we created the following designs:

DESIGN FOR KIDS TSHIRT (claiming their rights)