Before I die

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    Before I die is a multidisciplinary dance, visual and music performance that took place in the Stadthaus of Ulm city the 21st, 22nd and 23rd July. Dancers, sound designers, musicians, visual artists, actors and refugees from different parts of … Read More

Crossing Paths

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“Crossing Paths” is a dance installation that was performed on the 9th of July 2015. It took place on Ulm’s main square in front of the Münster cathedral, the Münsterplatz, Germany. “Crossing Paths” reflects the daily unintentional improvisation and choreography of the citiy´s … Read More

The Office

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This video dance project was born after watching with Agente Costura the performance with the same name from one of our team members, Pablo Sansalvador. The whole metamorphosis between the dancers in the piece made us think in the upcycling … Read More


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This is a dance piece that we performed two years ago in Ulm. We are Pablo Sansalvador, professional dancer and Cecilia Espejo, non professional dancer. We are a couple and we both wanted to get out of our comfort zone … Read More

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