New products

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During these last months we have been preparing for new pop up stores and design fairs. Here Paper LIGHT, a lamp made from the paper left from our last performance, BEFORE I DIE. This lamp can take any form. We will … Read More

Kulturnacht Ulm

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Dansarts, an independent dance studio, saw our performance in July and offered us introducing the refugees part in their event for Kulturnacht (the day of the Culture). We had the chance to perform it three times. Many people joined and could see … Read More

The Day of the refugees

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  The Day of the Refugees (30th September) we were invited to participate in two events: Petrusplatz, Neu Ulm. Haus der Begegnung. Ulm Many organizations that work for the refugee cause participated in these two events. Petrusplatz – Neu Ulm Thanks to: Asylberatung Diakonisches Werk Neu-Ulm … Read More

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