As a diverse group of artists, dancers and designers we join forces to create multidisciplinary performances and installations. Our mission is not only to express creative ideas and concepts, but also to make small improvements in our ecosystem, initiating social change making. The starting point for our projects normally comes from a need to share and collaborate with others in our common environment. We invite you to challenge us with any project that arises.

‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’

Helen Keller

Our latest projects

Choreo Lab – Made in Ulm
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Performance 24th and 25th of August 2019 20:00 h @ Labor ROXY, Ulm, Germany. “ChoreoLab – Made in Ulm” is an exciting new platform – an Artist in Residence Program – that invites international, up-and-coming and talented young choreographers to Ulm to … Read More

Pop-Up Playground
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“Pop-Up Playground” is an immersive social installation. It enables unexpected interactions between inhabitants and visitors encouraging urban creativity. It is an installation inspired by the concept of “lego”. Three hundred cardboard cubes will be placed in the Munsterplatz. In November … Read More

What makes us human?
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What makes us human? is the last project we did last 2017. This installation performance takes the public on a journey that dives into the perspective of identity; how we see ourselves and one another, how we want to see … Read More

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 STEP by STEP project is a dancing path from Münsterplatz to the Wilhelmsburg. It is a project we made in Ulm city in the summer of 2017. Our aim was to encourage citizens and visitors to ‘take a dance’ to the Wilhelmsburg, as … Read More

Do you want to buy a Tshirt?
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The MOVING KIDS PROJECT is slowly moving forward. We reached our crowdfunding goal and now trying to raise a little bit more funding for other projects. We designed with the kids the T-shirts that they will be wearing in the show. They … Read More

TEMPERATURE, a dance opportunity
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TEMPERATURE’s is a project produced by one of the Moving Rhizomes e.V. founder, Hannes- Michael Bronczkowski. Our aim is to bridge the gap between graduates entering the professional dance world and the already professionals. We want to give three selected graduated … Read More